Shellebrate World Turtle Day! 🐢 

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If I was to talk to my little girls about turtles at this very moment they most likely would mention something along the lines of kicking bad guys butts and eating pizza, while living under a manhole in New York City.  However, since the year 2000, May 23rd has been nominated by the American Turtle Rescue as World Turtle Day.  Focusing on bringing awareness and knowledge on the shelled-cuties vanishing habitats across the globe.

How Are Habitats Vanishing?

With a continual rise in the human population on to a limited space, it causes us to move into homes of other species, or polluting and demolishing them until there is nothing viable left.  

Wait, That’s Not All!

As if overstepping our boundaries in nature wasn’t enough, the trash we discard from our “space” ends up floating right along side them.  Plastic bags can strangle turtles, resulting in deformities, loss of circulation, or even death.  They can also closely resemble a yummy jellyfish in a turtle’s eye, causing the poor fellas to choke on your discarded grocery bags. 

Turtles are also hunted to be used as medicine, food, jewelry, or bred for the profits of pet stores! 

I’m No Turtle Killer!

While you may have never killed a turtle with your own hands, do you know where all your discarded trash ends up?  Over 1/3 of Texas landfills are leaking! Check out this interactive map on the Texas Campaign for the Environment‘s website.  Our trash needs to be disposed of more responsibly to prevent the wildlife from coming in contact with it.

How Can I Help?

  1. Volunteer to help turtles! Google “volunteer with turtles” and there’s a plethora of organizations looking for volunteers.
  2. Recycle! ♻️ 
  3. Get a rescue turtle! 

To prevent the disappearance of turtles from our ecosystems, we must act now! Educating the public on issues regarding turtle safety and population is the best way to raise awareness for our shelled friends! 


World Turtle Day
World Turtle Day Wiki
Turtle Conservancy
American Turtle Rescue

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